The On Russia team encourages you to be vigilant

The On Russia team encourages you to be vigilant

The On Russia team encourages you to be vigilant: do not contact the scammers, who, unfortunately, became more active with the growth of the popularity of our project. From the very beginning, we talked about the fact that the application is absolutely free, the development team comes up with all the tasks, and the products that we offer in our store are not sold for money - they can only be exchanged for the points received for the passage of quests and thematic tasks.

We strongly recommended you not to contact people who offer you answers to the test tasks, or other questionable suggestions - in all cases it is a fraud. We also recommend not to join groups in the social networks that are not the official page of the On Russia project.

In turn, the developers reserve the right to block all unscrupulous users and cancel their orders. About the fraud cases we ask you to write to us on the social networks, we will definitely take appropriate measures.

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