The first and only mobile application in Russia for not indifferent and active students

ON RUSSIA is a platform for the realization of the coolest and large-scale quests, patriotic actions, off-line parties and events, access to which you will gain just by having your smartphone handy and completing simple but interesting tasks.
  • Complete the tasks

    Tasks are your keys to prizes and presents. The tasks will be different – both simple and complicated. Most of them can be performed only online by having a smartphone or the Internet handy. And some of them will be a real adventure going beyond the online game. It’s the quest which you can pass through only by going out.

  • Get the points

    You will get the points for completing each task, which will appear in the application. Remember, that it’s your main advantage. The number of the received “stars” will define your place in the rating of the participants and tell you at once who you are. We hope, you are a lucky person and you'll prove it to us.

  • Exchange for the presents

    The most pleasant part of the game is that you can exchange your points (if you have enough for completing the tasks) for the prizes. The more points you have, the better prizes you choose. It’s easy!


The idea of establishing the mobile application “ON” for smartphones belongs to the students from Tomsk. However, it’s not limited to one city or university, but rather aimed to attract like-minded people from all over the country. The largest patriotic online game in Russia is based on the principle of the quest: cope with the tasks, get some points and exchange them for the prizes and presents with the national symbols of Russia.

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